Planners School Level 1

Fundamentals of Work Management – identifying work, maintenance planning, reporting & KPI’s, scheduling, work execution, spares management, transitioning from breakdown maintenance, and performance assessment and management.

Planners School Level 2

For experienced planners – introduction to asset management, work management support, reliability department, using measurements for plant improvement, condition monitoring, defect elimination, maintenance strategy improvement, and operator driven reliability.

Lubrication School Basics

Whether you’re a manager, engineer, technician or operator, this course is designed to show you the relevance of an effective lubrication program to your role, and how it contributes to reliability.

Lubrication School Level 1

Foundational training in best practice methods for selecting, storing, filtering and testing lubricants and oil sampling – boosting reliability and generate lasting results in machine efficiency and maintenance.

Lubrication School Level 2

Advanced machinery lubrication topics with excellent preventive maintenance techniques – learn how to identify wear patterns, degraded lubricants, and those small but significant leaks that can spell disaster over a period of time.

Asset Management School

Bringing the strategic objectives of asset management into a day to day context so that people understand why specific processes, systems and reports are necessary to inform asset management decision making.


Improving shutdown delivery methods, underpinned by sustainable processes – establishing the shut, develop the shutdown organisation, shutdown control protocols, preparation, detailed work planning, scheduling, delivering work, close-out of shutdown.